Antistatic Bar

The antistatic bar ABSL-AK is an antistatic bar coupled with an air knife.

The air knife is an amplifier of air flow, in effect it amplifies the compressed air flow used from 30 to 40 times, in this way you have a big energy savings in electricity terms for compress air.

In these air knives, air goes out from a slot of 0,05 mm and it’s ideal for drying and cleaning of the surfaces, moreover, with antistatic bar coupling it eliminates electrostatic charges.
The use of the antistatic bar ABSL-AK finds various applications especially in plastic industry, graphic industry, painting industry, wood industry etc.

When choosing the bar size, ensure that the height of the material to dielectrify is slightly less or equal to length LF. Also check that length LT allows actual installation of the bars.

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