Antistatic Bar

The antistatic bars ABSL -RC-DE (shockless) we produce can be used in many sectors, such as textile manufacturing, paper, plastics, printing, in converting, packaging etc.

The anti-static bar ABSL –RC-DE was designed to connect more antistatic bars in a series using a single cable from the power supply. IT can be installed in machines working at high speed, it is very effective in the removal of electrostatic charges.

This anti-static bar has a pvc core, where all its electronic components are impregnated in epoxy resin so as to ensure safety and durability. It is coated with aluminum, with stainless steel emitters .

The emitters are connected resistively to high voltage, so there are no risks for the operator in the event of accidental contact and this allows to have a higher productivity of the bar.

Our antistatic bars are custom made according to customers’ requirements.
This antistatic bar has a slit where to place the M6 screws for fastening, so it is possible to place them anywhere for the entire length of the bar.

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