Antistatic Bar “IDB-11” (24 VDC)

The Intelligent Discharging Bar IDB-11 (shockless) we produce can be used in many sectors, such as textile manufacturing, paper, plastics, printing, in converting, packaging etc.
The anti-static bar IDB-11 is available in two versions: IDB-11-S for high speed up to 2000 m/min., for distance from 30 to 200mm and IDB-11-L for long distance from 150 up to 500 mm.
His design is very compact 40×25 mm and the profile is in FR-ABS filled with epoxy resin.

This anti-static bar has an integrate power supply, so no high tension cable is needed, only 12-24 V supply, the frequency is adjustable (0,5-20 Hz) and is provided with clean pin alert by a led.
White/blu flashing= ok, Violet= needs cleaning, Red=fault.

The tungsten emitters are connected resistively to high voltage, so there are no risks for the operator in the event of accidental contact.
Our antistatic bars are custom made according to customers’ requirements.
This antistatic bar has a slit where to place the M5 screws for fastening, so it is possible to place them anywhere for the entire length of the bar.

Download the technical sheet

Tecnical dettails

Working distance: IDB-11-S: 20 – 200 mm; IBD-11-L: 100-500mm
Operating voltage: 11 KV pulsante
Frequency: Regolabile 0,5-20 Hz
Integrate power supply: Integrato 12-24 Vdc input
Weight: 1,2 Kg/m
Ambient temperature: 0°C – 70° C, Massima umidità 65%
Lenghts: Da 300 mm a 5000 mm