Generator “Mod. 100”

The antistatic generator is used in different sectors:

Removing the static electricity the paint sticks better on the product surface. The run-down product will not attract dust and air impurities and, hence, it will reduce the number of required final touches.After the polishing, the use of the antistatic generator on the product will keep the dust away for a long time.

The use of the antistatic generator will solve several problems. For example, the use of the antistatic device near packs of slabs or paper to print or to work will eliminate static energy and, therefore, the process will be faster and perfect. In fact, paint will attach better and uniformly without any blurs, dust will be removed and sheet will not adhere on machine rolls or ribbons. As a result, the pack will be made correctly.
The product quality will be higher and working times will be reduced.

This equipment can be useful in machines and manufacturing of plastic, paper, glass, wood, fabrics, in the packaging process, tanning machines, etc..