Ionizing Rotating jet “IRJ-120”

The ionizing rotating jet IRJ-120 with compressed air has a double function; to clean the affected surface and to remove the electrostatic charges. Our highly effective ionizing rotating jet guarantees the complete coverage of the surface to clean, needs a little maintenance and will last long in time. To cover wide areas the IRJ-120 can be installed in series; its mounting kit is available.

Like other active antistatic equipment, the rotary ionizing jet must also be connected to an antistatic power supply via a high voltage cable and compressed air via a 6 mm hose. We recommend the use of an air filter of 5 microns or smaller in order to prevent the nozzle from coming into contact with impurities and humidity.

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Technical details

Working distance: Up to 500 mm
Operating voltage: 6,5 KV
Power supply: AF2WR, AF4WR, APS2, APS4
Emitters: Stainless steel
Air consumption: with 4 bar, 84 lit/min
Maximum pressure: 6 bar
Air connection: 6mm tube
Working temperature: 0-60°C, 70% relative humidity