Electrostatic charging bar “CBR-LP-15”

CBR-LP-15 low profile electrostatically charging bars are designed to make a material adhere to a surface or two materials between them. These charging bars are connected to a generator, which creates (positive or negative) ions on bar’s pointed edges by means of high voltage. Thus the material, passing through the bar and a reference mass, is pushed towards the mass itself, creating a temporary adhesion.

CBR-LP-15 charging bars are used in several industrial applications. They are safe, because each pointed edge is connected to high voltage by means of a resistance, so as to avoid sparkles and accidental discharges, which could damage the machine itself.

The installation of these antistatic bars is very simple, as bars have a rear seat, where nylon screws are inserted, thus granting their insulation from conductive parts.

• Very effective at high speeds
• Emitters resistively connected to high tension
• 15 mm emitter pitch
• Low consumption
• High reliability
• Available in lengths up to 4000 mm

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