Ionizing nozzles “AN-03”

Compressed-air ionizing nozzles have a double function, cleaning the surface of interest and eliminate existing electrostatic charges. Ionizing nozzles are employed where installation conditions are critical, especially in confined spaces. Our ionizing nozzles can have multiple configurations and can be connected in series even in circular shape according to customer’s needs.

In this case, the antistatic pin is connected to a flat nozzle which has a perpendicular direction of air blowing. The nozzle entrains the surrounding air and creates a concentrated air stream, making it more economical. The nozzle is also very quiet.

Like other active anti-static equipment, also ionizing nozzles must be connected to an anti-static power supply by means of a high-tension cable and to compressed air via thread G1/8” and an air hose. We recommend the use of a 5 micron or smaller air filter in such a way as to prevent the nozzle from coming into contact with impurities and moisture.


Working distance: Until 1000 mm
Power supply: AF2WR, AF4WR, PS1WR, APS2
Emitters: Stainless steel
Ambient temperature: 0°C – 70°C
Air consumption: 3 bar, 190 l/min
Max pressure: max. 7 bar


  • cleaning and neutralization of different surface with very low noise level
  • injection molding of plastics
  • car bodies
  • furniture parts
  • composite parts

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